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У Табло очень красивый альбом. И в особенности песня Home. Когда я её слушаю, то плачу. Все время плачу.Сдержать слезы просто не получается . Какое то особенное ощущение от этой песни, как будто тебя окутывает теплом, но одновременно накатывается грусть.....К сожалению у меня плохо получается передавать ощущения. Лучше послушать самим

Tablo - Home

When I step past my door frame, I get dizzy
Because it’s the border to my comfort zone
The useless emotions that dirty my heart is covered with dust
If I get out of here, there’s death
Because I disliked the unfamiliar happiness more than the familiar sadness, I threw away my footsteps
I worry that I’ll become a pair of worn shoes
Because the world, time, people twistedly wear me
I forget. Like the heaps of newspapers and bills in front of my door,
Don’t leave the thoughts and demands of the world in front of me
This is my home – leave me alone
Just don’t come in here

* Now I cry without tears
Just like breathing, I cry again
The sadness that became a home
Though I try to take a step out, I cry at the doorstep
I cry, without me knowing

Do I deserve to be happy?
Why have I fallen deeply into shallow scars?
Anyone may receive showers of arrows in life
But why is the target on my heart so big for me?
Emotions run from one end to another
But for a slow-paced me, I fall behind and out of breath
I cannot hold my heart and I lose the world
A few steps more is happiness but
I raise each step a little more
Anyone can be afraid of this
But to me, it’s more natural than laughter
Crying is easy like breathing – the more you hold it in, your more you let out
Let me breathe – sadness is my home
I want to stay here, in this place
Even if I go out to happiness for a moment
Now I know that I would want to go back

* repeat

Inside my sadness that became my home,
Inside my sadness that became my home, can I invite you in?

* repeat

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